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How a widely distributed dental firm protects sensitive data while making it highly available

Modern dentistry depends on more than good care. It also demands rapid access to data and applications. For a rapidly growing dental services company – consisting of hundreds of dental offices spread across 10 American states – the task of managing all of its data availability, privacy, and security needs started out as complex and costly. Listen to Kevin Schokora, Director of IT Operations at Great Expressions Dental Centers, share their story of how to best balance data compliance and availability requirements via modern IT infrastructure.


How MSPs leverage Bitdefender’s layered approach to security for comprehensive client protection

Solving security concerns has risen to the top of the requirements list for just about everyone, yet service providers in particular have had to step up their game. Just as cloud models and outsourcing of more data center functions have become more popular, the security needs, too, across cloud models have grown even more fast-paced and pressing. Here to discuss the role of the latest security technology in making MSPs more like security services providers are Brian Luckey, Director of Managed Services, and Jeremy Wiginton, Applications Administrator, both at All Covered, IT Services from Konica Minolta.


Saint Francis Healthcare System develops comprehensive healthcare infrastructure security strategy using Bitdefender

Healthcare provider organizations are among the most challenging environments to develop and implement comprehensive and agile security infrastructures. They are usually sprawling campuses with large ecosystems of practitioners, suppliers, and patient-facing facilities. These organizations also operate under stringent compliance requirements, with data privacy a top priority. Learn from our discussion with Phillip Yarbro, Network and Systems Engineer at Saint Francis Healthcare System, how healthcare security can become more standardized and proactive with unified management and lower total costs.


Florida school district aims to tame the Wild West of education security, at scale and on budget

Bringing a central IT focus to large public school systems has always been a challenge, but bringing a security focus to thousands of PCs and devices has been compared to bringing law and order to the Wild West. In this podcast discussion, learn how the IT and security teams at Clay County School District built a secure posture for their edge, network, and data centers while allowing the right mix and access for exploration necessary in an educational environment.


The next line of defense — how security leverages virtualization to counter sophisticated threats

When it comes to securing systems and data, the bad guys are constantly upping their games - finding new ways to infiltrate businesses and users. Those who protect systems from these cascading threats must be ever vigilant for new technical advances in detection and protection; in fact, they must out-innovate their assailants. In this podcast discussion, thought leaders Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist at Citrix, and Harish Agastya, Vice President for Enterprise Solutions at Bitdefender, examine the relationship between security and virtualization. Hear how adaptive companies are finding ways to leverage their virtualization environments to become more resilient, more intelligent, and how they can protect themselves in new ways.


Kansas Development Finance Authority gains peace of mind, end-points virtual shield using Bitdefender hypervisor-level security

Security demands have gone up, yet there is a continual need for reduced manual labor and costs, while protecting assets sooner and better. We will now learn how a Kansas economic development organization has been able to gain peace of mind by relying on increased automation and intelligence in how it secures its systems and people.